CRISPR opens up new genetic engineering potential

I’ve been hear­ing around the news about a new ge­netic en­g­ineer­ing method called CRISPR. The method can pur­port­edly edit any gene in a hu­man genome (or other an­i­mal or bac­terium genome) with very high ac­cu­racy. The new method may re­move the risks as­so­ci­ated with gene ther­apy, which can in­tro­duce un­de­sired mu­ta­tions by in­sert­ing genes into the mid­dle of an ex­ist­ing gene se­quence.

Here’s a re­port:


Thoughts? There is already dis­cus­sion about the use of CRISPR with IVF (in-vitro fer­til­iza­tion) for the pur­poses of germ-line en­g­ineer­ing, but even with­out this the method may prove very effi­ca­cious for gene ther­apy on non-germ-line cells. What are the ram­ifi­ca­tions for hu­man en­g­ineer­ing? For germ-line in­tel­li­gence en­hance­ment?