timeless quantum immortality

Sum­mary: The world looks nor­mal de­spite Quan­tum Im­mor­tal­ity, be­cause the most likely Uni­verse in which you’re im­mor­tal is one where your im­mor­tal­ity doesn’t re­quire much luck.
Re­cap of Quan­tum Im­mor­tal­ity: The Many-Wor­lds In­ter­pre­ta­tion of Quan­tum Me­chan­ics states that ev­ery time some event is ob­served (e.g. a coin flip), the Uni­verse splits into sep­a­rate uni­verses, one for each pos­si­ble out­come (e.g. Heads uni­verse and Tails uni­verse), and the con­scious ob­server will find them­selves in one of these uni­verses (e.g. ei­ther see the coin come up Heads or see it come up Tails) with a like­li­hood pro­por­tional to the num­ber of ways this event can hap­pen (e.g. you’ll prob­a­bly never see a coin land on edge). Quan­tum Im­mor­tal­ity states that my con­scious­ness will fol­low the path of branch­ings in which it sur­vives (e.g. if I set up a highly re­li­able sys­tem that will kill me if the coin ever comes up tails, I can flip and flip the coin and I will only ever see it come up heads).
New idea: Let’s take a time­less per­spec­tive, and ask “what en­tire life path am I most likely to ob­serve, from the set of all pos­si­ble life paths?” Quan­tum Im­mor­tal­ity re­stricts me to ob­serv­ing life paths in which I do not die. Some life paths are more prob­a­ble than oth­ers. It’s not clear what this prob­a­bil­ity is, but sim­pler life paths seem more likely than oth­ers (e.g. I’m more likely to ob­serve a life path that can be de­scribed with any of many sets of phys­i­cal laws and ini­tial con­di­tions, and less likely to ob­serve a life path that re­quires a unique, com­pli­cated de­scrip­tion.) I’m most likely to ob­serve a world that fol­lows phys­i­cal laws all the time, in which many differ­ent sets of sim­ple phys­i­cal laws could cre­ate the world I see. I’m less likely to see a world in which I get im­prob­a­bly lucky.
Thus, I ex­pect to live for­ever but I don’t ex­pect to get lucky.
2nd new idea: Let’s gen­er­al­ize this time­less per­spec­tive across mul­ti­ple in­di­vi­d­u­als and life­times. Zoom­ing out again and look­ing at the set of all pos­si­ble evolu­tion­ary paths for a life­form: it’s most likely that I’m one of a life­form that ex­po­nen­tially grows about as rapidly as pos­si­ble. Over a long time hori­zon, the most nu­mer­ous life­form is the one that has the high­est rate of growth. Thus, be­cause I am con­scious and Quan­tum Im­mor­tal­ity ap­pears to be cor­rect, there’s a good chance that I will spawn huge num­bers of con­scious im­mor­tal be­ings dur­ing my in­finitely-long life.