[Question] Learning magic

Magic (pri­mar­ily mis­di­rec­tion and cold-read­ing, but also the me­chan­ics like sleight-of-hand) seems like an ex­tremely good case-study in the study of how the hu­man mind works and the pre­dictable ways in which hu­man maps differ from the ter­ri­tory. There are sev­eral ma­gi­ci­ans out there who offer to teach classes and so forth, but are there any who can be vouched for as re­ally “know­ing their stuff” as a teacher if I wanted to ap­proach the sub­ject in this light? Re­lat­edly, can any­one vouch for the qual­ity of the Penn and Tel­ler course on the MasterClass plat­form?

Bonus points for teach­ers in Lon­don who can be hired for small (up to 10 peo­ple) groups.