Please use real names, especially for Alignment Forum?

As the num­ber of AI al­ign­ment re­searchers in­creases over time, it’s get­ting hard for me to keep track of ev­ery­one’s names. (I’m prob­a­bly worse than av­er­age in this re­gard.) It seems the fact that some peo­ple don’t use their real names as their LW/​AF user­names makes it harder than it needs to be. So I won­der if we could offi­cially en­courage peo­ple to use their real first­name and last­name as their user­name, es­pe­cially if they reg­u­larly par­ti­ci­pate on AF, un­less they’re de­liber­ately try­ing to keep their phys­i­cal iden­tities se­cret? (Alter­na­tively, at least put their real first­name and last­name in their user pro­file/​de­scrip­tion?)