Gunshot victims to be suspended between life and death [link]


- First “offi­cial” pro­gram to prac­tice sus­pended animation

- The ar­ti­cle nat­u­rally goes on to ask whether longer SA (months, years) is pos­si­ble

- Amaz­ing quote: “Every day at work I de­clare peo­ple dead. They have no signs of life, no heart­beat, no brain ac­tivity. I sign a piece of pa­per know­ing in my heart that they are not ac­tu­ally dead. I could, right then and there, sus­pend them. But I have to put them in a body bag. It’s frus­trat­ing to know there’s a solu­tion.”

- IMO this if (I hope!) suc­cess­ful, will go a long way to bridge the emo­tional gap for cryonics