The Best Visualizations on Every Subject

Edit: the list is now a public GitHub repository, with all that implies. Added sections by media type. Last update: 6 Jan 2021


This is The Best Textbooks on Every Subject, but for visualizations. I greatly adore good visualizations, chiefly because there are so many visualizations that are so terrible. I have seen many such tools mentioned here, but always in passing.

The actual motivator is re-reading the posts Exercises in Comprehensive Information Gathering and Fact Posts: How and Why. While there is no substitute for the wrench-time they recommend, I think these kinds of tools make the process more efficient and lend themselves to insights which are difficult to acquire through reading alone; in my experience scale and distance are both easier to grasp in a visual medium, for example.

Also there is a non-trivial sense in which they are beautiful in their own right. If we are able to compare many examples, people in the community might even be able to help advance the art.

Submission Rules

One nomination per comment; please include an explanation of why you nominated it. Contra the best textbooks list we won’t require comparison with other visualizations because there are so few authoritative ones.

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