Unjustified ideas comment thread

Lately I’ve made some posts that were not very pop­u­lar, to say the least. Yet, they were helpful for me. Be­cause I was able to get some ideas that were stuck in my head out on “pa­per”, get some feed­back on them, and the mostly suc­cess­fully for­get them.

What made those ideas differ­ent, and I think part of the rea­son for down­votes, was as Chris­ti­anKl put it: “LessWrong is largely about ra­tio­nal de­bate. This means that when you make a sug­ges­tion, you should provide ar­gu­ments.”

Well, some­times I don’t have the time nor the pa­tience to write a 10 page es­say with foot­notes. Some­times I just want to throw some­thing out there and see if it sticks in any way with any­one. I bet you do too!

So, I pro­pose a new kind of com­ment thread. Here, you are wel­come to com­ment with any idea that’s been float­ing around your head. You don’t need to jus­tify it. It doesn’t have to be “ra­tio­nal.” It doesn’t even need to make sense to you per­son­ally. (If you have trou­ble query­ing your mind for ideas of this sort, let me know.)

I ac­cept the very low sig­nal to noise ra­tio this will cre­ate. But some­times noise is ex­actly what you need to shake your brain up a bit.

If this works well, I’ll cre­ate a thread like this ev­ery week. I’m also go­ing to ask that if you don’t like this idea, please down­vote the post, but not the com­ments. Be gen­tle with the com­menters and don’t down­vote them un­less it’s an ac­tively harm­ful idea.