How did you come to find LessWrong?

I was re­flect­ing the other day about how I learned about LessWrong. As best as I can re­call/​re­trace, I learned about LessWrong from gw­ern, who I met in the #wikipe­dia IRC chan­nel via an es­sen­tially chance meet­ing. I’m won­der­ing how typ­i­cal my ex­pe­rience is. How did you come to LessWrong?

EDIT: Op­tional fol­low-up ques­tion: Do you think that we (the com­mu­nity) are do­ing enough to bring in new users to LessWrong? If not, what do you think could be done to in­crease aware­ness of LessWrong amongst po­ten­tial ra­tio­nal­ists?