[Question] Has Eliezer ever retracted his statements about weight loss?

I mean statement like:

  • my fat cells work differently than those of every thin person in the world” (this quote is fake, see MakoYass’s comment below)

  • The metabolically privileged don’t believe in metabolic privilege, since they are able to lose weight by trying! harder! to diet and exercise, and the diet and exercise actually work the way they’re supposed to… I remember the nine-month period in my life where that was true.

If he did, has he ever published a post-mortem about it?

A recent post by Jacobian linked Eliezer’s post about the Shangri-La diet. While I was trying to DuckDuckGo for some updates, I only found more statements in the same spirit. If there is a post-mortem somewhere, it would be a useful case-study for me on changing one’s mind. If there is not, that information would be useful for me to update how much I trust Eliezer’s factual statements.