What do rationalists think about the afterlife?

I’ve read a fair amount on Less Wrong and can’t re­call much said about the plau­si­bil­ity of some sort of af­ter­life. What do you guys think about it? Is there some sort of con­sen­sus?

Here’s my take:

  • Ra­tion­al­ity is all about us­ing the past to make pre­dic­tions about the fu­ture.

  • “What hap­pens to our con­scious­ness when we die?” (may not be worded pre­cisely, but hope­fully you know what I mean).

  • We have some data on what pre­con­di­tions seem to pro­duce con­scious­ness (ie. neu­ronal firing). How­ever, this is just data on the pre­con­di­tions that seem to pro­duce con­scious­ness that can/​do com­mu­ni­cate/​demon­strate its con­scious­ness to us.

  • Can we say that a differ­ent set of pre­con­di­tions doesn’t pro­duce con­scious­ness? I per­son­ally don’t see rea­son to be­lieve this. I see 3 pos­si­bil­ities that we don’t have rea­son to re­ject, be­cause we have no data on them. I’m still con­fused and not too con­fi­dent in this be­lief though.

  • Pos­si­bil­ity 1) Maybe the ‘other’ con­scious be­ings don’t want to com­mu­ni­cate their con­scious­ness to us.

  • Pos­si­bil­ity 2) Maybe the ‘other’ con­scious be­ings can’t com­mu­ni­cate their con­scious­ness to us ever.

  • Pos­si­bil­ity 3) Maybe the ‘other’ con­scious be­ings can’t com­mu­ni­cate their con­scious­ness to us given our level of tech­nol­ogy.

  • And fi­nally, since we have no data, what can we say about the like­li­hood of our con­scious­ness re­turn­ing/​re­main­ing af­ter we die? I would say the chances are 5050. For some­thing you have no data on, any out­come is equally likely (This feels like some­thing that must have been talked about be­fore. So side-ques­tion: is this logic sound?).

Edit: Peo­ple in the com­ments have just taken it as a given that con­scious­ness re­sides solely in the brain with­out ex­plain­ing why they think this. My point in this post is that I don’t see why we have rea­son to re­ject the 3 pos­si­bil­ities above. If you re­ject the idea that con­scious­ness could reside out­side of the brain, please ex­plain why.