Inviting Curated Authors to Give 5-Min Online Talks

If you’ve writ­ten a post that’s been cu­rated by the LessWrong team, then you’re el­i­gible to give a talk at one of our up­com­ing week­end events. If you’d like to give one, here’s the form to fill out your availa­bil­ity.

The events looks some­thing like this:

  • 20-40 LessWrong users show up.

  • 3-5 cu­rated au­thors give 5 minute talks over zoom

  • After each talk, we have 5-10 mins of Q&A from the at­ten­dees.

  • After the talks (which last ~1 hour), we split into break­out rooms for a 30-60 min hang­out and dis­cuss the ideas.

  • After the event, Ben and Ja­cob make tran­scripts of the talks and pub­lish them.

Speak­ers so far have been Vaniver, TurnTrout, Abram Dem­ski, John Went­worth, Eukary­ote, Othonor­mal, Char­lie Steiner, Alk­jash, Daniel Koko­ta­jlo.

Ex­am­ples of tran­scripts: Alk­jash, Abram.

Your talk can dis­cuss a post, a com­ment, or a new idea you’ve not been able to write down yet.

Here’s the form.