Diet Experiment Preregistration: Long-term water fasting + seed oil removal

I am intrigued by exfatloss’s recent theory that the primary cause of the obesity epidemic is slow, subtle damage from linoleic acid over many years. Specifically, I want to test the broader possibility that the composition of adipose tissues is what’s causing the problem. Since we do not have a decade to test his hypothesis naturally, I’ll retcon my current eating habits for a modified experiment.

I am just now transitioning from a very low calorie diet to a water fast, having lost around fifteen pounds in the last few weeks. I am going to attempt to continue my water fast for the next thirty days, or until I reach a BMI of <25. After the end of my water fast, I am going to rigorously exclude linoleic acid and other PUFAs from my diet; my meals will consist mostly of vegetables, rice, specially ordered low-PUFA pork, and fish. Then I’m going to eat to satiety for another month.

Normally what is expected to happen after a water fast is that you regain all of the weight you just lost, because you haven’t modified your body’s dietary “set point” and you wasted all of your mental strength trying to keep yourself from eating. However, if the linoleic acid hypothesis is true, all of the PUFA I’ve consumed over my many years as a good American are what’s causing my set point to remain so high in the first place. So for this self-experiment I’m going to deliberately purge most of my remaining fat stores, fill them up with a traditional Japanese diet, and see if my “natural weight” changes.

It won’t invalidate the lineolic acid hypothesis if the damage is just irreversible, but I can at least test out the hypothesis that the running composition of my fat is what causes my metabolism to freak out.