[Question] Is the fact that we don’t observe any obvious glitch evidence that we’re not in a simulation?

Assume we’re in a simulation and know it. Should we be surprised by how flawless it seems? We (almost) never encounter situations where we feel like something’s off (like “oh, what just happened is the kind of thing we should expect to happen in a simulation rather than in an original biological universe”).[1] Or is there any good reason to assume that, in a simulation like the one we might be in, it is normal for us not to observe any obvious bug?

Of course, this is only one of the many considerations we should have in mind while assessing the likelihood that we are in a simulation. I just happen to wonder about this one, right now.

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    Obviously, if we’re in a simulation, we don’t know what original biological worlds look like, but we can probably make some guesses regarding what generally differs between these and simulations. For example, say I enter an empty room, and objects “magically” appear in it as I walk through it. This has fierce simulation kinda vibes.