Weight training

I’m look­ing for re­sources on effec­tive weight train­ing for the pur­pose of physique build­ing. It’s an area with a par­tic­u­larly poor sig­nal to noise ra­tio so I would value poin­t­ers from other ra­tio­nal­ists. The kinds of ques­tions I would like to an­swer are:

  • How to struc­ture work-outs. Should I lift as much weight as pos­si­ble or do more rep­e­ti­tions at lower weights?

  • How should I trade off fre­quency of gym vis­its against length of those vis­its?

  • What sup­ple­ments should I take?

Edit: I’m veg­e­tar­ian, and I now re­al­ise this is rather im­por­tant to an­swers to point three. So far the only sup­ple­ment I’ve been tak­ing is soy pro­tein.