Stag Hunt

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Stag Hunt is a game-theoretic model of coordination in which each player chooses to either hunt Rabbit (small guaranteed return) or Stag (larger return if everyone else also chooses stag, no return otherwise).

Si­mu­lacrum 3 As Stag-Hunt Strategy

johnswentworth26 Jan 2021 19:40 UTC
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Most Pri­soner’s Dilem­mas are Stag Hunts; Most Stag Hunts are Schel­ling Problems

abramdemski14 Sep 2020 22:13 UTC
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Clas­sify­ing games like the Pri­soner’s Dilemma

philh4 Jul 2020 17:10 UTC
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Some Ways Co­or­di­na­tion is Hard

Zvi13 Jun 2019 13:00 UTC
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The Schel­ling Choice is “Rab­bit”, not “Stag”

Raemon8 Jun 2019 0:24 UTC
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