Si­tu­a­tional Awareness

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Ajeya Cotra uses the term “situational awarenessto refer to a cluster of skills including “being able to refer to and make predictions about yourself as distinct from the rest of the world,” “understanding the forces out in the world that shaped you and how the things that happen to you continue to be influenced by outside forces,” “understanding your position in the world relative to other actors who may have power over you,” “understanding how your actions can affect the outside world including other actors,” etc.

Alternatively, from an ML-perspective, situational awareness can be characterized as a strong form of out-of-context meta-learning applied to situationally-relevant statements.

Without spe­cific coun­ter­mea­sures, the eas­iest path to trans­for­ma­tive AI likely leads to AI takeover

Ajeya Cotra18 Jul 2022 19:06 UTC
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Paper: On mea­sur­ing situ­a­tional aware­ness in LLMs

4 Sep 2023 12:54 UTC
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Some Quick Fol­low-Up Ex­per­i­ments to “Taken out of con­text: On mea­sur­ing situ­a­tional aware­ness in LLMs”

miles3 Oct 2023 2:22 UTC
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Re­sults from the Tur­ing Sem­i­nar hackathon

7 Dec 2023 14:50 UTC
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Early situ­a­tional aware­ness and its im­pli­ca­tions, a story

Jacob Pfau6 Feb 2023 20:45 UTC
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Si­tu­a­tional aware­ness in Large Lan­guage Models

Simon Möller3 Mar 2023 18:59 UTC
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Refin­ing the Sharp Left Turn threat model, part 2: ap­ply­ing al­ign­ment techniques

25 Nov 2022 14:36 UTC
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LM Si­tu­a­tional Aware­ness, Eval­u­a­tion Pro­posal: Vio­lat­ing Imitation

Jacob Pfau26 Apr 2023 22:53 UTC
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Contin­gency: A Con­cep­tual Tool from Evolu­tion­ary Biol­ogy for Alignment

clem_acs12 Jun 2023 20:54 UTC
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The in­tel­li­gence-sen­tience or­thog­o­nal­ity thesis

Ben Smith13 Jul 2023 6:55 UTC
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The Zeroth Skillset

katydee30 Jan 2013 12:46 UTC
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Rein­ter­pret the Past for a Bet­ter Future

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Re­veal­ing In­ten­tion­al­ity In Lan­guage Models Through AdaVAE Guided Sampling

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Per­cep­tual Blindspots: How to In­crease Self-Awareness

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LLM Eval­u­a­tors Rec­og­nize and Fa­vor Their Own Generations

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