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Myopia means short-sighted, particularly with respect to planning—neglecting long-term consequences in favor of the short term. The extreme case, in which only immediate rewards are considered, is of particular interest. We can think of a myopic agent as one that only considers how best to answer the single question that you give to it rather than considering any sort of long-term consequences. Such an agent might have a number of desirable safety properties, such as a lack of instrumental incentives.

Par­tial Agency

abramdemski27 Sep 2019 22:04 UTC
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The Credit As­sign­ment Problem

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Open Prob­lems with Myopia

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Ar­gu­ments against my­opic training

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Defin­ing Myopia

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An overview of 11 pro­pos­als for build­ing safe ad­vanced AI

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Bayesian Evolv­ing-to-Extinction

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Ran­dom Thoughts on Pre­dict-O-Matic

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The Parable of Pre­dict-O-Matic

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Self-Fulfilling Prophe­cies Aren’t Always About Self-Awareness

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The Dual­ist Pre­dict-O-Matic ($100 prize)

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Why GPT wants to mesa-op­ti­mize & how we might change this

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2019 Re­view Rewrite: Seek­ing Power is Often Ro­bustly In­stru­men­tal in MDPs

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Seek­ing Power is Often Ro­bustly In­stru­men­tal in MDPs

5 Dec 2019 2:33 UTC
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Fight­ing Akra­sia: In­cen­tivis­ing Action

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Graph­i­cal World Models, Coun­ter­fac­tu­als, and Ma­chine Learn­ing Agents

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