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Posts about (artificial /​ indoor) lighting, especially relating to attempts to improve quality of life during winter months and at other times when insufficient natural light is available.

Why in­door light­ing is hard to get right and how to fix it

Richard Korzekwa 28 Oct 2020 4:46 UTC
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Preprint is out! 100,000 lu­mens to treat sea­sonal af­fec­tive disorder

Fabienne12 Nov 2021 17:59 UTC
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My sim­ple hack for in­creased alert­ness and im­proved cog­ni­tive func­tion­ing: very bright light

chaosmage18 Jan 2013 13:43 UTC
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[Question] Is sit­ting in the sun much bet­ter than sit­ting in the shade?

just_browsing28 Apr 2021 18:48 UTC
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Could some­one please start a bright home light­ing com­pany?

lincolnquirk26 Nov 2019 19:20 UTC
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How to Im­prove Your Sleep

lynettebye27 Oct 2019 23:28 UTC
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An Equil­ibrium of No Free Energy

Eliezer Yudkowsky31 Oct 2017 21:27 UTC
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How to Build a Lumenator

Raemon12 Aug 2018 5:11 UTC
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jp’s Shortform

jp29 Aug 2019 16:18 UTC
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A new op­tion for build­ing lumenators

Alex_Altair12 Jul 2021 23:45 UTC
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How to Lu­me­nate (UK Edi­tion)

chanamessinger13 Mar 2022 13:43 UTC
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