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Buddhism is both a major group of religions in the world and a tradition of practice that, among other things, purports to teach a path to uncovering the way of truth, wisdom, and compassion. Western interpretations of Buddhism and Western Buddhist practice sometimes intersects with the practice of LW-style rationality.

A non-mys­ti­cal ex­pla­na­tion of “no-self” (three char­ac­ter­is­tics se­ries)

Kaj_Sotala8 May 2020 10:37 UTC
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[Lec­ture Club] Awak­en­ing from the Mean­ing Crisis

Vaniver8 Mar 2021 15:22 UTC
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Zen and Ra­tion­al­ity: Don’t Know Mind

Gordon Seidoh Worley6 Aug 2020 4:33 UTC
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Zen and Ra­tion­al­ity: Trust in Mind

Gordon Seidoh Worley11 Aug 2020 20:23 UTC
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How I Meditate

Gordon Seidoh Worley8 Mar 2021 3:34 UTC
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The Hard Work of Trans­la­tion (Bud­dhism)

romeostevensit7 Apr 2019 21:04 UTC
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Bayesian Dharani, Great Dharani for Con­serv­ing Evidence

Gordon Seidoh Worley20 Dec 2021 16:32 UTC
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En­ti­tle­ment as a ma­jor am­plifier of unhappiness

VipulNaik8 Jun 2022 22:08 UTC
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Zen and Ra­tion­al­ity: Just This Is It

Gordon Seidoh Worley20 Sep 2020 22:31 UTC
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Bud­dhist Psy­chotech­nol­ogy for With­stand­ing Apoca­lypse Stress

romeostevensit25 Feb 2023 3:11 UTC
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Zen and Ra­tion­al­ity: Karma

Gordon Seidoh Worley12 Jan 2021 20:56 UTC
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Zen and Ra­tion­al­ity: Skil­lful Means

Gordon Seidoh Worley21 Nov 2020 2:38 UTC
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Fake Frame­works for Zen Med­i­ta­tion (Sum­mary of Sek­ida’s Zen Train­ing)

Gordon Seidoh Worley6 Feb 2021 15:38 UTC
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Zen and Ra­tion­al­ity: Map and Territory

Gordon Seidoh Worley12 Sep 2020 0:45 UTC
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The three ex­ist­ing ways of ex­plain­ing the three char­ac­ter­is­tics of existence

Kaj_Sotala7 Mar 2021 18:20 UTC
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Ra­tion­al­ism be­fore the Sequences

Eric Raymond30 Mar 2021 14:04 UTC
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The Unifi­ca­tion of Physics and Me­ta­physics: 22 Ax­ioms for All Existences

30 Apr 2023 4:16 UTC
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Per­son­hood is a Reli­gious Belief

jan Sijan3 May 2023 16:16 UTC
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Zen and the Art of Rationality

Eliezer Yudkowsky24 Dec 2007 4:36 UTC
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Peanut Butter

Jacob Falkovich3 Dec 2018 19:30 UTC
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Look­ing and the no-self

ChristianKl13 Mar 2018 19:39 UTC
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At­tack­ing enlightenment

Elo28 Sep 2018 1:18 UTC
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Vi­pas­sana Med­i­ta­tion: Devel­op­ing Meta-Feel­ing Skills

[deleted]18 Oct 2010 16:55 UTC
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Un­der­stand­ing vipas­sana meditation

[deleted]3 Oct 2010 18:12 UTC
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The First Koan: Drink­ing the Hot Iron Ball

Annoyance7 May 2009 17:41 UTC
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