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Posts that describe or demonstrate specific Algorithms that can be used to make decisions.

Example: Final Version Perfected: An Underused Execution Algorithm

See also: Decision Theory, Planning & Decision-Making,

Deep For­get­ting & Un­learn­ing for Safely-Scoped LLMs

scasper5 Dec 2023 16:48 UTC
104 points
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Log­i­cal in­duc­tion for soft­ware engineers

Alex Flint3 Dec 2022 19:55 UTC
160 points
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The lat­tice of par­tial updatelessness

Martín Soto10 Feb 2024 17:34 UTC
21 points
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Fi­nal Ver­sion Perfected: An Un­derused Ex­e­cu­tion Algorithm

willbradshaw27 Nov 2020 10:43 UTC
90 points
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Ur­gent & im­por­tant: How (not) to do your to-do list

bfinn1 Feb 2019 17:44 UTC
49 points
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Re­vis­it­ing al­gorith­mic progress

13 Dec 2022 1:39 UTC
94 points
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In­ter­pret­ing a di­men­sion­al­ity re­duc­tion of a col­lec­tion of ma­tri­ces as two pos­i­tive semidefinite block di­ag­o­nal matrices

Joseph Van Name19 Aug 2023 19:52 UTC
15 points
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Al­gorithms to Live By: Ch3 Sorting

pepe_prime11 Feb 2020 14:36 UTC
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My Al­gorithm for Beat­ing Procrastination

lukeprog10 Feb 2012 2:48 UTC
140 points
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