Ad­ver­sar­ial Examples

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Ad­ver­sar­ial ex­am­ples are situ­a­tions that have un­usual fea­tures that will cause an AI to make choices that seem ob­vi­ously wrong to a hu­man. For ex­am­ple, an image of a panda can be sub­tly ma­nipu­lated so that an image clas­sifier clas­sifies it as a gib­bon.

The Good­hart Game

John_Maxwell18 Nov 2019 23:22 UTC
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If I were a well-in­ten­tioned AI… I: Image classifier

Stuart_Armstrong26 Feb 2020 12:39 UTC
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[AN #62] Are ad­ver­sar­ial ex­am­ples caused by real but im­per­cep­ti­ble fea­tures?

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The Achilles Heel Hy­poth­e­sis for AI

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