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Chess as a case study in hid­den ca­pa­bil­ities in ChatGPT

AdamYedidia19 Aug 2023 6:35 UTC
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The po­si­tional em­bed­ding ma­trix and pre­vi­ous-to­ken heads: how do they ac­tu­ally work?

AdamYedidia10 Aug 2023 1:58 UTC
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GPT-2′s po­si­tional em­bed­ding ma­trix is a helix

AdamYedidia21 Jul 2023 4:16 UTC
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Smar­tyHead­erCode: anoma­lous to­kens for GPT3.5 and GPT-4

AdamYedidia15 Apr 2023 22:35 UTC
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