HPMOR Wrap Parties: Resources, Information and Discussion

Harry Pot­ter and the Meth­ods of Ra­tion­al­ity—Wrap Party Sum­mary Thread

As many of you prob­a­bly read on the HPMOR au­thor’s note last month, I am the co­or­di­na­tor of the HPMOR Wrap par­ties. Many of you have reached out to me, I put hun­dreds of you into con­tact with each other, and over 20 par­ties on 4 con­ti­nents are now go­ing to hap­pen. Now it is time to get as much at­ten­dance to the events as pos­si­ble, make sure that we all get the most out of the events and use the mo­men­tum that HPMOR has brought this com­mu­nity. This post will serve as a cen­tral lo­ca­tion for all in­for­ma­tion and re­sources available for the par­ties, as well as a place for dis­cus­sion in the com­ments.


I set up a few differ­ent sys­tems to co­or­di­nate ev­ery­one, and make it eas­ier for ev­ery­one in­ter­ested in the wrap par­ties to con­nect. Here they are:

The Map:

This map can help you get a quick overview of how many peo­ple in your area are strongly in­ter­ested, and who might help you with or­ga­niz­ing an event. Re­mem­ber that not even half of the peo­ple cur­rently RSVP’d for Face­book events have added them­selves to the map, so this map is the ab­solute min­i­mum level of en­gage­ment in your area. I will be adding all events to the map as they are posted in the Face­book group. Please add your­self to the map if you can! (But please be care­ful to not de­stroy the pins of any­one else, to use the cor­rect pin type, and to not cre­ate any empty pins.)

The Face­book Group:

This is the main lo­ca­tion for dis­cus­sion of the wrap par­ties and also the lo­ca­tion at which all of the events are con­ve­niently col­lected. You can find all events un­der the “Events” tab, and if you add your own event in this group you can con­ve­niently in­vite ev­ery­one who has added them­selves to this group. I would still ad­di­tion­ally ad­vice you to in­vite all of your friends who might be in­ter­ested, since they might not have joined the group.

The Or­ga­nizer Mailing List:

This mailing list is the fastest way for me to reach all of the or­ga­niz­ers at the same time, and also the fastest way for all or­ga­niz­ers to be kept up to speed with the newest re­sources available. Use this mailing list to dis­cuss ideas and get help from other or­ga­niz­ers.

Par­ties [Up­dated: March 9th, 10:00PM]

To help you quickly get a sense of whether there is a party hap­pen­ing in your area, here is a list of all the par­ties that I have so far learned about, with links to their re­spec­tive Face­book events. Cur­rently ev­ery­thing is on Face­book be­cause that is much eas­ier to co­or­di­nate, but I will try to add con­tact in­for­ma­tion for or­ga­niz­ers for all of these par­ties very soon, so that peo­ple with­out Face­book can eas­ily find the in­for­ma­tion that they need:

Par­ties in Asia:

  1. Singapore

  2. Mum­bai, India

  3. Colombo, Sri Lanka

  4. Herzelia, Israel

  5. Kharag­pur, India

  6. New Delhi, India

  7. Ban­ga­lore, India

  8. Ban­ga­lore, In­dia Nr. 2

Par­ties in Aus­tralia:

  1. Melbourne

  2. Sydney

  3. Canberra

  4. Christchurch, New Zealand

Par­ties in Europe:

  1. Lon­don, United Kingdom

  2. Sheffield, United Kingdom

  3. Brus­sels, Belgium

  4. Krakow, Poland

  5. Cam­bridge, United Kingdom

  6. Bel­grade, Serbia

  7. Ber­lin, Germany

  8. Turku, Finland

  9. Madrid, Spain

  10. Ire­land, Dublin

  11. Ger­many, Cologne [mar­cel_muel­ler@mail.de]

  12. Copen­hagen, Denmark

  13. St. Peters­burg, Russia

  14. War­saw, Poland

  15. Dnipropetro­vsk, Ukraine

Par­ties in North Amer­ica:

  1. Berkeley, California

  2. Moun­tain View, California

  3. Phoenix, Arizona

  4. Wash­ing­ton DC

  5. Port­land, Oregon

  6. New Or­leans, Louisiana

  7. Sara­sota, Florida

  8. Gainesville, Florida

  9. Den­ver, Colorado

  10. Fort Col­lins, Colorado

  11. Lawrence, Kansas

  12. Seat­tle, Washington

  13. MIT, Mas­sachusetts [14th of March]

  14. Cam­bridge, Mas­sachusetts [15th of March]

  15. New York, New York

  16. Chicago, Illinois

  17. Mid­dle­ton, Wisconsin

  18. Char­lotte, North Carolina

  19. Fern­dale, Michigan

  20. Pitts­burgh, Pennsylvania

  21. Mex­ico City, Mexico

  22. Toronto, Canada

  23. Austin, Texas

  24. At­lanta, Georgia

  25. Salt Lake City, Utah

  26. Albu­querque, New Mexico

  27. Water­loo, Canada

Party Count: 54

Coun­try Count: 19

Con­ti­nent Count: 4

Please com­ment on this thread, send me a mes­sage, or add an event to the Face­book page (and in­vite me) to add your own party to this list!



To help ev­ery­one get their party started, Bray­den McLean com­piled a won­der­ful hand­book for party or­ga­niz­ers:


Free Books:

We are pro­vid­ing free copies of the first 17 chap­ters of HPMOR to all par­ties in the U.S.! Just fill out this form to­day or to­mor­row, and we will try to send you as many copies as you think you will need to hook all of your friends.


The Party Spread­sheet:

I com­piled a spread­sheet with all of the par­ties that I’ve got­ten to know of so far. This will hope­fully help peo­ple with­out Face­book get into con­tact with the or­ga­niz­ers of the clos­est party, and gen­er­ally make in­for­ma­tion eas­ier available. Com­ment­ing is en­abled, so if you are one of the or­ga­niz­ers and want any of the in­for­ma­tion changed, please leave a com­ment on the spread­sheet and I will change it as quickly as pos­si­ble.


Call for Sto­ries:

I want to read a few HPMOR sto­ries at the Berkeley event, and also just gen­er­ally al­low peo­ple to share how HPMOR has af­fected their lives. For that, we have the Call for Sto­ries doc­u­ment, which al­lows peo­ple to write their own HPMOR sto­ries and share them with the world.

I will con­tinue keep­ing this post up­dated with all valuable ma­te­rial that is sent to me.