[Question] Restricted Diet and Longevity, does eating pattern matter?

From what I’ve been able to find there is fairly good evidence for reducing one’s diet by about 25% from the recommended caloric intake.

What I cannot find (most of what I’ve tried to find is abstract only and the papers behind a paywall) is if the pattern of intake matters. In other words, does the approach required that one leave every meal a bit hungry?

I have no problems skipping meals, sometime two even, but find it more a challenge to put the fork down once I’ve decided it is time to eat.

So if I wanted to try following the approach clearly one way would be much easier for me to implement than the other.

Anyone having any insights or specific references that have looked at the claims from this particular perspective?

Answers that say it’s not clearly the case disspite what people like Sinclair or the earlier experiments say also welcomed.

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