What I think about you

So, hav­ing heard Mike Li com­pare Jaynes to a thou­sand-year-old vam­pire, one ques­tion im­me­di­ately popped into my mind:

“Do you get the same sense off me?” I asked.

-- Eliezer Yud­kowsky, The Level Above Mine

Most peo­ple need feed­back in many ar­eas. Most peo­ple can give feed­back in many ar­eas. But for some rea­son I don’t see a lot of ac­tual hon­est feed­back hap­pen­ing, nei­ther in my per­sonal life, nor at work, nor here on LW. This looks like some sort of mar­ket failure, or per­haps a bug in so­ciety.

Would we benefit from a norm that en­couraged ask­ing for feed­back or cri­tique in any area, per­haps us­ing open threads set up spe­cially for that? I think we would. What do you think?