vaccination research/​reading

Vaccination is probably one of the hardest topics to have a rational discussion about. I have some reason to believe that the author of http://​​​​2014/​​10/​​23/​​the-cdc-and-cargo-cult-science/​​ is someone interested in looking for the truth, not winning a side—at the very least, I’d like to help him when he says this:

I genuinely don’t want to do Cargo Cult Science so if anybody reading this knows of any citations to studies looking at the long term effects of vaccines and finding them benign or beneficial, please, be sure to post them in the comments.

I’m getting started on reading the actual papers, but I’m hoping this finds someone who’s already done the work and wants to go post it on his site, or if not, someone else who’s interested in looking through papers with me—I do better at this kind of work with social support.