[Question] Erratum for “From AI to Zombies”

Is there any erratum for the “From AI to Zombies” book? There are so many essays, and many of them are written more than 10 years ago. It seems very likely that since then the errors or imprecisions were discovered.

To be specific, I have a very low belief in the chapter on quantum mechanics. It discusses just Copenhagen and many-worlds interpretation, ignoring all others that were already existing at this moment. What about Quantum Bayesianism, for example?

And two more personal accounts:

1) A couple of years ago I was at the conference, where few talks discussed this quite famous gedankenexperiment. When they were looking at different interpretations, according to them the many-world one was quite vaguely formulated, not allowing to make a definitive answer in the problem they considered.

2) About five years ago I talked with my friend about “From AI to Zombies”. He was studying interpretations of quantum mechanics way more than I did. He said something like “Great book but the quantum mechanics chapter is over-simplified”.