Should there be more people on the leaderboard?

I’m won­der­ing what the op­ti­mal num­ber of peo­ple on the leader­board would be. I sus­pect that peo­ple who ap­pear on the leader­board post more of­ten be­cause they want to re­main on it. The other ad­van­tage, is that if the leader­board seems in reach, more peo­ple will com­pete to get on it.On the other hand, if too many peo­ple were added to the leader­board, then “be­ing on the leader­board” would be worth­less and peo­ple would only care if they had a high po­si­tion.

There are cur­rently 15 peo­ple on the leader­board. I sus­pect that if there were 20 peo­ple on the leader­board, that would in­crease the mo­ti­va­tion effect, with­out sig­nifi­cantly de­valu­ing be­ing on the leader­board it­self.

What do peo­ple think?