ETH is probably undervalued right now

ETH is trading right now under 1k USD, which gives it a market cap as large as the 100th largest company in the world. There is definitely a real possibility that a sizeable part of our financial system runs on the ETH network at some point during the next 10 years. If this prediction becomes true, ETH is probably very undervalued right now, due in part to the wave of panic affecting the markets right now.

Things move quickly in the cryptomarkets and the short term is impossible to predict. Next week it could go to 200 USD or it could go move up to never go down again. In any case, ETH is at the moment the most promising platform for DeFI, with many more investors, programmers and contributors than any other alternative.

On top of all that, we are very likely only a few months away from the long awaited Merge, when ETH abandons PoW for good, which is arguably the worst part of cryptos like Bitcoin. It is likely that there is a big rebound in ETH price, so I am putting my money where my mouth is.