Have you felt exiert yet?

Pre-ado­les­cent chil­dren haven’t felt strong lust yet. Those of us who’ve avoided strong pain are also miss­ing an ex­pe­rience of that af­fect. Nostal­gia can come up very early, but does re­quire a bit of liv­ing first. De­pres­sion can strike at any age.

So, in gen­eral, there are emo­tions and feel­ings that peo­ple are ca­pa­ble of feel­ing, in the right cir­cum­stances, but that some peo­ple have not yet felt.

As a thought ex­per­i­ment, I’d thus like to in­tro­duce the emo­tion of ex­iert, which no hu­man be­ing has yet felt, be­cause it’s only trig­gered by (very) un­usual ex­pe­riences. Maybe it’s some­thing that can only be felt af­ter a decade of weightless­ness, or af­ter the hu­man brain has adapted to the liv­ing for a long time within the at­mo­sphere of a gas gi­ant.

Let’s as­sume that ex­iert has some sur­vival uses—it’s helpful in nav­i­gat­ing the gas gi­ant’s ever-chang­ing ge­og­ra­phy, say—and it can load onto both pos­i­tive and nega­tive af­fect (just as con­fu­sion and sur­prise can). As­sume also that ex­pe­rienc­ing ex­iert can have im­pact on peo­ple’s ae­thetic prefer­ences—it can cause them to like cer­tain colour schemes, or open them to differ­ent types of pac­ing and tone in films or the­atre pro­duc­tions.

In the spirit of try­ing to de­duce what hu­man val­ues re­ally are, the ques­tion is then: is the AI over­rid­ing hu­man prefer­ences in any of the fol­low­ing situ­a­tions:

  1. The AI pre­mep­tively pre­cludes the ex­pe­rience of ex­iert, so that we won’t ex­pe­rience this emo­tion even if we are put in the un­usual cir­cum­stances.

  2. Sup­pose that we wouldn’t “nat­u­rally” ex­pe­rience ex­iert, but the AI acts to en­sure that we would (in those un­usual cir­cum­stances).

  3. The AI acts to en­sure that some hu­man that had not yet ex­pe­rienced strong lust, nos­tal­gia, or ex­treme pain, could never ex­pe­rience that emo­tion.

  4. Sup­pose some hu­man would not “nat­u­rally” ex­pe­rience strong lust, nos­tal­gia, or ex­treme pain, but the AI acts to en­sure that they would.

  5. The AI acts to en­sure that some hu­man ex­pe­riences ex­iert, but that this is trig­gered by nor­mal cir­cum­stances, rather than un­usual ones.