[Question] Living with a homeopath—how?

My mother is a believer in homeopathy, and at the present time I am living with my parents.

I am frequently pressured to take homeopathy, usually in the form of injections.

To cure cold, to boost immunity (a very hot topic in the current pandemic), etc.

My efforts to talk science have been futile, most of the time I am offered to do it and see for myself. While I like testing things empirically, I much suspect she won’t be able to update her beliefs after 20 years of “successfully” treating herself and others. All papers I cite are “paid for” and “influenced”. Well, you most probably know all the arguments already.

This is getting on my nerves, plus she’s often rude about my rejections. The way I see it, I can only grit my teeth and hope for enough income to move out as soon as possible. However, it’s rather difficult to walk away from your family (though I suppose I won’t last much longer).

Is there a better way?

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