Rationalist sites worth archiving?

One of my long-stand­ing in­ter­ests is in writ­ing con­tent that will age grace­fully, but as a child of the In­ter­net, I am ad­dicted to link­ing and linkrot is profoundly threat­en­ing to me, so an­other in­ter­est of mine is in archiv­ing URLs; my cur­rent method­ol­ogy is a com­bi­na­tion of archiv­ing my brows­ing in pub­lic archives like In­ter­net Archive and lo­cally, and proac­tively archiv­ing en­tire sites. Any­way, sites I have pre­vi­ously archived in part or in to­tal in­clude:

  1. LessWrong (I may’ve caused some down­time here, sorry about that)

  2. OvercomingBias

  3. SL4

  4. Chronopause.com

  5. Yud­kowsky.net (in progress)

  6. Sin­ginst.org

  7. Pre­dic­tionBook.com (for ob­vi­ous rea­sons)

  8. LongBets.org & LongNow.org

  9. In­trade.com

  10. Com­mon­senseathe­ism.com

  11. fin­ney.org

  12. nick­bostrom.com

  13. un­enu­mer­ated.blogspot.com & http://​​sz­abo.best.vwh.net/​​

  14. wei­dai.com

  15. mattma­honey.net

  16. aibe­liefs.blogspot.com

Hav­ing re­cently added Wik­iWix to my archival bot, I was think­ing of re-run­ning var­i­ous sites, and I’d like to know—what other LW-re­lated web­sites are there that peo­ple would like to be able to ac­cess some­where in 30 or 40 years?

(This is an im­por­tant long-term is­sue, and I don’t want to miss any im­por­tant sites, so I am post­ing this as an Ar­ti­cle rather than the usual Dis­cus­sion. I already re­gret not archiv­ing Robert Brad­bury’s full per­sonal web­site—hav­ing only his Ma­tri­oshka Brains ar­ti­cle—and do not wish to re­peat the mis­take.)