I am the very model of a self-recursive modeler

I am the very model of a self-re­cur­sive modeler

My con­scious­ness en­com­passes it­self in many meta layers

To Rus­sel’s para­dox, I have the set of all the answers

I cut the hair of all the non-self-bar­ber­ing hairdressers

I think about me think­ing of my thoughts with regularity

In my Carte­sian the­ater, I see my­self with clarity

I tell you that I lie with­out the slight­est contradiction

The story of my life is told in meta-metafiction

My in­ner simu­la­tor repli­cates the to­tal universe

I simu­late my­self as I am writ­ing out this line of verse

My se­crets are un­known to me, I keep them confidential

Refer­ring to my­self I’d say I’m quite self-referential

My strange loop’s Escherer than yours, it’s Bacher and it’s Godeler

I am the very model of a self-re­cur­sive mod­eler

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