my new shortsight reminder

Some user named Dan L commented on an ACX post:

[...]things can feel more intense now than ever before because more people now care about {things we care about now} than ever before. People used to care less about {things we care about now}, so past times feel like they were less intense. But actually, people used to care *a whole lot* about {things people used to care about}, which we don’t care nearly as much about now. So people back then would have felt like things were uniquely intense, and would look at modern disagreements about {things we care about now} and not really get it.
This is all very tautological and makes the very dry statistical bias obvious, but requires confronting that things we used to care about aren’t the things we care about now, and almost certainly won’t be the things we care about in the future. It is not easy to accept that the answer to “who will win this culture war?” will very possibly be “you won’t care”. Oh, you’ll still have an opinion all right, but *this* fire in your belly will fade faster than you thought possible. As it will for nearly everyone else. This too shall pass.

I found this very powerful when I came across it, and I have been trying to keep it in mind ever since.

(See also: https://​​​​wiki/​​This_too_shall_pass )