[Question] Is there a standard discussion of vegetarianism/​veganism?

I am search­ing for a con­cise text that pre­sents and op­ti­mally also dis­cusses rea­sons for a veg­e­tar­ian/​ve­gan diet, in­clud­ing en­vi­ron­men­tal and cli­mate effects, health, but of course also ethics, and there are some eth­i­cal points I would be par­tic­u­larly in­ter­ested in like “can you rank an­i­mals by how bad eat­ing them is?”, “is it more eth­i­cal to eat wild an­i­mals be­cause they have a good life be­fore dy­ing?”, “the ethics of offset­ting” (the kind dis­cussed in http://​​slat­estar­codex.com/​​2015/​​09/​​23/​​veg­e­tar­i­anism-for-meat-eaters/​​) Op­ti­mally, this would be a kind of non-par­ti­san text, but I guess for this topic this is hard to find be­cause if some­one writes about it, s/​​he usu­ally ex­plains her/​​his own rea­sons.

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