Why aren’t there more forum-blogs like LW?

LW has a unique for­mat. It is a fo­rum-blog.

It is not a fo­rum in the tra­di­tional sense. In tra­di­tional fo­rums you can­not have long, es­say-like posts (tech­ni­cally you can, but some­how the cul­ture dis­cour­ages it). Also, vi­su­ally the top-level post ap­pears sep­a­rate and isn’t similar to the com­ments. Like fo­rums, you do have threaded com­ments and a karma sys­tem. Fur­ther, any­one who wants can reg­ister, post and com­ment.

It is not a blog in the tra­di­tional sense. In most blogs only a se­lect few can post. On LW any­one can cre­ate a blog­post, as long as it is some­what rele­vant. There is also a no­tion of Main, where the mod­er­a­tors se­lect the best posts. And the blog­gers can as­pire to achieve the Main stan­dard.

I feel that this kind of fo­rum-blogs can be very use­ful in many do­mains: math, physics, med­i­ta­tion, mu­sic, health and nu­tri­tion and so on. Of course, we’d need to as­sem­ble a high-qual­ity au­di­ence who are not afraid down­vote and also have good mod­er­a­tors. The prob­lem of as­sem­bling a high-qual­ity au­di­ence can also be done in LW fash­ion. Write a good blog for some­time and then con­vert the for­mat of the blog to fo­rum-blog. The ad­van­tage is that the new peo­ple who write posts have a guaran­teed high-qual­ity au­di­ence and are hence in­cen­tivized to post and make good posts.

So here’s my ap­peal to peo­ple who already have blogs with a good read­er­ship: please con­sider con­vert­ing your blog into a fo­rum-blog in the style of LW. It will be a huge ser­vice to the com­mu­nity. If you do so, please don’t be shy to mod­er­ate and se­lect the best and treat them sep­a­rately.

Or is there some other sub­tlety that I’m miss­ing which is pre­vent­ing the cre­ation of fo­rum-blogs? Or are there already fo­rum-blogs out there and I’m just not aware of them?

EDIT: In re­ply Ran­daly’s com­ment, I ap­peal to LW’s mas­ters: please con­sider re­leas­ing an open-source toolkit that al­lows the cre­ation of blogs based on the LW for­mat.

EDIT: David_Ger­ard points out that LW’s source is open.