Feature proposal: integrate LessWrong with ChatGPT to promote active reading

I’ve built a little Python app I call aiRead.

Its least interesting feature is that it breaks down text the way I prefer to read it: a few sentences at a time, presented in ticker-tape fashion.

However, I’ve also integrated it with ChatGPT. Two of my engineered prompts are most useful. One is activated by typing “explain,” which generates a rewording, a definition of jargon terms, and a simplified explanation in conversational language. The other is activated by typing “quiz,” which generates an interactive quiz on the content you’re reading.

The point of these features is to promote active reading. I find them tremendously helpful, such that despite the numerous shortcomings of aiRead, I’m now converting all text I have to read to be compatible with it. When I read LessWrong posts, I put them into aiRead, then generate an interactive quiz to help me understand them better. It is transformative.

I would love to see features like these integrated into LessWrong.

I know the dev team is busy, and they do a wonderful job—this is one of the best forum architectures I’ve ever encountered already. The only reason I’m suggesting this is because an ongoing, convenient explanation-and-quiz feature in my reading app has completely redefined the way I learn overnight, and I’m excited to see it incorporated into the other ways I consume information.

Note: Anyone is welcome to download and use aiRead, and if you do, I’d be very interested to hear about your experiences with it. You’ll need a ChatGPT+ subscription. The way to use it is explained in the readme.

Also, I’m looking for collaborators on aiRead! If you’d like to help me polish this up, or ideally turn aiRead into a browser-based app, please get in touch!