LW Update 2019-01-03 – New All-Posts Page, Author hover-previews and new post-item

Daily page re­placed with new “All-posts” page

The old /​daily page (ac­cessible via click­ing “Daily” on the front­page, or click­ing on “All Posts” in the ham­burger menu in the top-left) has been re­placed with a new /​al­lPosts page that is show­cas­ing a bunch of new de­signs that we are plan­ning to roll out across the site over the next few weeks.

Note in par­tic­u­lar the changes to the post-pre­view, which is now re­duced to one line and puts all the key in­for­ma­tion into eas­ily skimmable columns. We also got rid of our be­loved lit­tle ti­tle-column things on the left side, and moved ev­ery­thing into a cen­tral column in prepa­ra­tion for some up­com­ing changes to the over­all site struc­ture.

By de­fault the page will func­tion just like the old /​daily page, but with op­tional ad­di­tional func­tion­al­ity in the form of new filters and sort­ing op­tions (this now also fi­nally al­lows you to eas­ily sort by “to­tal karma” again).

Author hover-preview

If you hover over the au­thor names of com­ments and posts, you can now see a small pre­view of their bio, the time they signed up and the num­ber of posts and com­ments that they’ve writ­ten. The goal is to make it eas­ier to figure out whether an au­thor has writ­ten other con­tent you might want to read, and whether the user you are look­ing at is new, which helps you set ex­pec­ta­tions and hope­fully en­courages peo­ple to help new users get on­boarded.

Karma notifications

Jim talked a bit more about karma no­tifi­ca­tions over in an­other meta post. I think this is a pretty im­por­tant fea­ture, and am in­ter­ested in peo­ple’s thoughts on the new no­tifi­ca­tions.