[Question] What is your internet search methodology ?

I feel like the heuris­tics we use to search ran­dom tat on the in­ter­net are an in­cred­ibly larger part of our lives.

I wouldn’t make a claim as ex­tended as “googling skills are on the largest de­ter­mi­nants of suc­cess in life”, but I wouldn’t look very sus­pi­ciously at some­one that tried to make it ei­ther.

So I’m rather cu­rios what the “search method­ol­ogy” of peo­ple here is.

Let me try to give an ex­am­ple by de­tailing mine, it’s non-ideal since I ap­ply it mainly sub­con­sciously, but that’s why I’m look­ing to im­prove it, also I’m prob­a­bly miss­ing some things ,but again, this is just an ex­am­ple not a claim that it’s in any way “good.

a) Find a phras­ing that is < 5-6 word long and type it into google
b) If a cer­tain key word isn’t show­ing up quote it
c) If am look­ing for a spe­cific type of dis­cussing type the name of a form to­gether with it (e.g. LessWrong: Fo­bar falacy, SSC: edgy poli­ti­cal thing, Red­dit: Cor­po­rate spon­sored product re­view, Stack­Overflow: copy paste of a tiny part of the de­bug log which I hope is unique enough for my prob­lem)
d) If what I’m look­ing for seem high-falutin to be con­sid­ered “sci­en­tific” con­sider google scholar instead
+ ublock ori­gin with strict set­tings, dis­able 3rd party cook­ies, con­tainer ad­dons for e.g. google and fb in or­der to some­what limit amount of ads
+ sci-hub now for quicker pa­per read­ing (ba­si­cally you just click it, it tires to find the doi of the ab­stract you are look­ing at and opens it in a scihub tag)

For me, at least, think­ing of this re­quires try­ing to ob­serve my­self and query my sub­con­scious, rather than think­ing about it the same way I think about ex­plicit ac­tions/​choices.

I’d wa­ger it’s the same for many peo­ple and thus a lot of crit­i­cal com­po­nents might be miss­ing… but, there’s not much that can be done about that.