A few remarks about mass-downvoting

To who­ever has for the last sev­eral days been down­vot­ing ~10 of my old com­ments per day:

It is pos­si­ble that your in­ten­tion is to dis­cour­age me from com­ment­ing on Less Wrong.

The ac­tual effect is the re­verse. My com­ments still end up pos­i­tive on av­er­age, and I am there­fore mo­ti­vated to post more of them in or­der to com­pen­sate for the steady karma drain you are caus­ing.

If you are mass-down­vot­ing other peo­ple, the effect on some of them is prob­a­bly the same.

To the LW ad­mins, if any are read­ing:

Look, can we re­ally not do any­thing about this be­havi­our? It’s childish and stupid, and it makes the karma sys­tem less use­ful (e.g., for com­ment-sort­ing), and it gives bad ac­tors a dis­pro­por­tionate in­fluence on Less Wrong. It seems like there are lots of ob­vi­ous things that would go some way to­wards helping, many of which have been dis­cussed in past threads about this.

Failing that, can we at least agree that it’s bad be­havi­our and that it would be good in prin­ci­ple to stop it or make it more visi­ble and/​or in­con­ve­nient?

Failing that, can we at least have an offi­cial state­ment from an LW ad­minis­tra­tor that mass-down­vot­ing is not con­sid­ered an un­de­sir­able be­havi­our here? I re­ally hope this isn’t the opinion of the LW ad­mins, but as the topic has been dis­cussed from time to time with never any ad­min re­sponse I’ve been think­ing it in­creas­ingly likely that it is. If so, let’s at least be hon­est about it.

To any­one else read­ing this:

If you should hap­pen to no­tice that a size­able frac­tion of my com­ments are at −1, this is prob­a­bly why. (Though of course I may just have posted a bunch of silly things. I ex­pect it hap­pens from time to time.)

My apolo­gies for clut­ter­ing up Dis­cus­sion with this. (But not very many apolo­gies; this sort of mass-down­vot­ing seems to me to be one of the more toxic phe­nom­ena on Less Wrong, and I re­tain some small hope that even­tu­ally some­thing may be done about it.)