List of requests for an AI slowdown/​halt.

About this document

There has been a recent flurry of letters/​articles/​statements/​videos which endorse a slowdown or halt of colossal AI experiments via (e.g.) regulation or coordination.

This document aspires to collect all examples into a single centralised list. I’m undecided on how best to order and subdivide the examples, but I’m open to suggestions.

As a disclaimer, this list is...

  • Living — I’ll try to update the list over time.

  • Non-exhaustive — There are almost certainly examples I’ve missed.

  • Non-representative — The list is biased, at least initially, towards things that I have been shown personally.

Please mention in the comments any examples I’ve missed so I can add them!

List of slowdown/​halt AI requests

Last updated: April 14th 2023.

(Note that I’m also including surveys.)

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    Credit to MM Maas.