[Question] Can I use Less Wrong branding in youtube videos?

I will be start­ing a youtube chan­nel where I record my Street Episte­mol­ogy en­coun­ters. I want to heav­ily plug our com­mu­nity, for the benefit of grow­ing it, and also be­cause it’s just so darn ap­pro­pri­ate (I am liter­ally ask­ing peo­ple what they think they know, and how they think they know it).

I will not be claiming own­er­ship of the brand­ing (I’ll be di­vert­ing peo­ple to the web­site, of course), but I would prob­a­bly go so far as to use it in the name of the chan­nel (for lack of a bet­ter pithy name, ‘Less Wrong’ is ex­cel­lent). Are there any le­gal prob­lems with this?