Help us Optimize the Contents of the Sequences eBook

MIRI’s ongoing effort to publish the sequences as an eBook has given us the opportunity to update their contents and organization.

We’re looking for suggested posts to reorder, add, or remove.

To help with this, here is a breakdown of the current planned contents of the eBook and any currently planned modifications. Following that is a list of the most popular links within the sequences to posts that are not included therein.

Now’s a good time to suggested changes or improvements!


Map and Territory

Added …What’s a Bias Again? because it’s meant to immediately follow Why Truth, And….

Mysterious Answers to Mysterious Questions

No changes.

A Human’s Guide to Words

No changes.

How to Actually Change Your Mind

Politics is the Mind-Killer

Removed The Robbers Cave Experiment because it already appears in Death Spirals and the Cult Attractor, and there in the original chronological order which flows better.

Death Spirals and the Cult Attractor

Removed The Litany Against Gurus because it already appears in Politics is the Mind-killer.

Seeing with Fresh Eyes

Removed Asch’s Conformity Experiment and Lonely Dissent because they both appear at the end of Death Spirals. Removed The Genetic Fallacy because it’s in the Metaethics sequence: that’s where it falls chronologically and it fits better there with the surrounding posts.

Noticing Confusion

Removed this entire subsequence because it is entirely contained within Mysterious Answers to Mysterious Questions.

Against Rationalization

Added Pascal’s Mugging (before Torture vs Dust Specks) because it explains the 3^^^3 notation. Added Torture vs Dust Specks before A Case Study of Motivated Continuation because A Case Study refers to it frequently.

Against Doublethink

No changes.

Overly Convenient Excuses

Removed How to Convince Me that 2+2=3 because it’s already in Map & Territory.

Letting Go

No change.

The Simple Math of Evolution

Added Evolutionary Psychology because it fits nicely at the end and it’s referred to by other posts many times.

Challenging the Difficult

No change.

Yudkowsky’s Coming of Age

No change.


No change. (Includes the Zombies subsequence.)

Quantum Physics

No change. Doesn’t include any “Preliminaries” posts, since they’d all be duplicates


No change.

Fun Theory

No change.

The Craft and the Community

No change.




Here are the most-frequently-referenced links within the sequences to posts outside of the sequences (with a count of three or more). This may help you notice posts that you think should be included in the sequences eBook.