MIRI course list study pairs

In­spired by: On learn­ing difficult things

In his re­cent post, user So8res says his num­ber one piece of ad­vice for learn­ing some­thing difficult is to have study part­ner to learn with you.

Since there is a de­cent amount of in­ter­est here in go­ing through the MIRI course list, it might be worth find­ing other peo­ple here to learn and study this with, and to form pairs or groups.

So here is a space for find­ing and or­ga­niz­ing such part­ner­ships!

Of course, part of the rea­son I wrote this is be­cause I am in­ter­ested in learn­ing these books with peo­ple. My back­ground: I’m cur­rently a sec­ond year Ph.D. stu­dent in math­e­mat­ics (num­ber the­ory). I’m still pretty new to the type of math em­pha­sized here. I have Prob­a­bil­is­tic Graph­i­cal Models, Cat­e­gory The­ory for Com­puter Scien­tists and The Logic of Prov­abil­ity (by Ge­orge Boolos—not on the course list, but good to get back­ground for the Ro­bust Co­op­er­a­tion pa­per and for un­der­stand­ing Loeb’s the­o­rem) all ly­ing around. I’m also tak­ing a class on nu­mer­i­cal anal­y­sis. Part of my prob­lem is that I start lots of pro­jects and then end up fiz­zling out on them, and I hope hav­ing a part­ner will help with this.

I’ve already been go­ing through MIRI’s pub­li­ca­tions with a friend from the lo­cal LW com­mu­nity, which has been re­ally nice. I’m still in­ter­ested in find­ing more part­ners <in­sert poly joke here> for go­ing through books on the course list speci­fi­cally. I’m also will­ing to ex­plain things I un­der­stand, or let some­one ex­plain things to me (I’ve found that ex­plain­ing things to some­one else is a very good way of solid­ify­ing your un­der­stand­ing of some­thing) when I have time.

Some things to con­sider:

  • What is the best on­line for­mat for do­ing this? I’ve been do­ing this sort of thing with Work­flowy + Math­flowy but there is prob­a­bly some­thing bet­ter.

  • Does a pair dy­namic, or a group dy­namic seem more likely to work? I’m hop­ing that there can be a col­lec­tion of pairs all cen­tered in a com­mon com­mu­nity, or some­thing like that.

  • If a cen­tral com­mu­nity seems like a good idea, how should it be cen­tral­ized?

  • Prob­a­bly some other is­sues/​meta stuff.