Find a study partner

For rea­sons men­tioned in So8res ar­ti­cle as well as for other rea­sons: study­ing with a part­ner can be very good. In Novem­ber, Adele_L had posted an ar­ti­cle for peo­ple want­ing to find a study part­ner. It got 17 com­ments, but only 1 since Novem­ber 16th. So I thought we (I) should make a monthly thread on this in­stead of con­stantly go­ing back to an old ar­ti­cle which peo­ple might (seem to) for­get about. If peo­ple seem to agree with that, I will make a post about it ev­ery month.

So if you’re look­ing for a study part­ner for an on­line course or read­ing a man­ual (whether it’s in the MIRI course list or not) tell oth­ers in the com­ment sec­tion.