[Question] What research has been done on the altruistic impact of the usual good actions?

What I mean by the “usual good actions” is notable good deeds you do may be a few times every week. Some examples:

  • Help a friend end an abusive relationship.

  • Go out of your way to help a stranger.

  • Do something extra nice and thoughtful for your partner.

  • Show up in person to support your friend’s endeavor.

  • Procure a Burning Man ticket for your friend.

  • Refrain from calling your co-founder’s idea “the dumbest thing I’ve heard this year” and do your best to listen.

What I mean by “altruistic impact” is probably QALYs, but I guess it’s harder to use that metric here because you’re working with changes in a pretty high quality life already vs. the difference between alive and dead. So may be there’s a better metric. I’m also interested in the indirect impact of these actions (see my comment).

I’m also open to better a rephrasing of this question.

Oh, and I’m happy to hear everyone’s thoughts on this without research too.