[Question] What research has been done on the altruistic impact of the usual good actions?

What I mean by the “usual good ac­tions” is no­table good deeds you do may be a few times ev­ery week. Some ex­am­ples:

  • Help a friend end an abu­sive re­la­tion­ship.

  • Go out of your way to help a stranger.

  • Do some­thing ex­tra nice and thought­ful for your part­ner.

  • Show up in per­son to sup­port your friend’s en­deavor.

  • Pro­cure a Burn­ing Man ticket for your friend.

  • Refrain from call­ing your co-founder’s idea “the dumb­est thing I’ve heard this year” and do your best to listen.

What I mean by “al­tru­is­tic im­pact” is prob­a­bly QALYs, but I guess it’s harder to use that met­ric here be­cause you’re work­ing with changes in a pretty high qual­ity life already vs. the differ­ence be­tween al­ive and dead. So may be there’s a bet­ter met­ric. I’m also in­ter­ested in the in­di­rect im­pact of these ac­tions (see my com­ment).

I’m also open to bet­ter a rephras­ing of this ques­tion.

Oh, and I’m happy to hear ev­ery­one’s thoughts on this with­out re­search too.