Link: Facing the Mind-Killer

I’ve long op­posed dis­cussing poli­tics on Less Wrong. Else­where, how­ever, I have been known to gaze into the abyss; and so it came to be that I wrote a hand­ful of blog posts of the Oxford Liber­tar­ian So­ciety Blog. I had the de­liber­ate in­ten­tion of bring a lit­tle bit of ra­tio­nal­ity into poli­tics—and so of course ended up writ­ing in some­thing like Eliezer’s style.

I wanted to es­tab­lish some the­ory first, so the ini­tial posts were about The Con­ser­va­tion of Ex­pected Ev­i­dence and Re­duc­tion­ism, and then one par­tic­u­lar Death-Spiral.

As you’ll prob­a­bly no­tice, one of my defences against the lit­tle-death has been to err on the side of at­tack­ing Liber­tar­ian po­si­tions; I pro­vided an ac­count of Tra­di­tional So­cial­ist Values so we re­mem­ber that our en­e­mies aren’t in­her­ently evil, and then analysed an abuse of The Law of Com­par­a­tive Ad­van­tage, show­ing cases where it didn’t ap­ply.

I can’t promise I’ll up­date at all reg­u­larly.

Post in­spired by Will New­some and prompted by Vladimir Nesov.