Emmett Shear to be interim CEO of OpenAI

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Update 2: this is kind of stale given more recent developments and I’m not planning to update it further; probably any further discussion should happen in OpenAI: Facts from a Weekend or other newer posts.

Update: un-paywalled article from the Verge: https://​​www.theverge.com/​​2023/​​11/​​20/​​23967515/​​sam-altman-openai-board-fired-new-ceo

This is still breaking as of 9:30 PT on Sunday, but according to a Bloomberg journalist:


Paywalled article: https://​​www.theinformation.com/​​articles/​​breaking-sam-altman-will-not-return-as-ceo-of-openai

Emmett Shear, co-founder of Amazon-owned video streaming site Twitch, will take over as interim CEO, Sutskever said.

Manifold is not totally convinced:

But I think this is mainly due to the permanent vs. interim issue.

More context: https://​​twitter.com/​​ashleevance/​​status/​​1726469283734274338

Emmett’s twitter: https://​​twitter.com/​​eshear

Emmett’s appearance on The Logan Bartlett show: https://​​twitter.com/​​liron/​​status/​​1672986864297578501