European Community Weekend 2015 Impressions Thread

The Euro­pean Com­mu­nity Week­end in Ber­lin is over and was plain awe­some.

This is no com­plete re­port of the event but a place where you can e.g. com­ment on the event, link to pho­tos or what else you want to share.

I’m not the or­ga­nizer of the Meetup but I have been there and for me it was the most grand ex­pe­rience since last years Euro­pean Com­mu­nity Week­end. Meet­ing so many en­er­getic, com­pas­sion­ate and in gen­eral awe­some peo­ple—some from last year or many new. Great pre­sen­ta­tions and work­shops. And such a pos­i­tive and open ath­mo­sphere.

Cheers to all par­ti­ci­pants!

See also the Face­book Group for the Com­mu­nity Event.