LW 2.0 Open Beta Live

The LW 2.0 Open Beta is now live; this means you can cre­ate an ac­count, start read­ing and post­ing, and tell us what you think.

Four points:

1) In case you’re just tun­ing in, I took up the man­tle of re­vi­tal­iz­ing LW through im­prov­ing its code­base some time ago, and only made small amounts of progress un­til Oliver Habryka joined the pro­ject and put full-time en­g­ineer­ing effort into it. He de­serves the credit for the new de­sign, and you can read about his strate­gic ap­proach here.

2) If you want to use your cur­rent LW ac­count on LW2.0, we didn’t im­port the old pass­words, and so you’ll have to use the re­set pass­word func­tion­al­ity. If your LW ac­count isn’t tied to a cur­rent email, send a PM to habryka on less­wrong and he’ll up­date the user ac­count de­tails on lesser­wrong. He’s also work­ing on im­prov­ing the site and sleep­ing and things like that, so don’t ex­pect an im­me­di­ate re­sponse.

3) Dur­ing the open beta there will be a green mes­sage in the bot­tom right hand cor­ner of the screen. This is called In­ter­com, and is how you can tell us about is­sues with the site and ask other ques­tions.

4) The open beta will end with a vote of users with over a thou­sand karma on whether we should switch the less­wrong.com URL to point to the new code and database. If this suc­ceeds, all the ac­tivity from the open beta and the live site will be merged to­gether. If the vote fails, we ex­pect to archive LW un­til an­other team comes along to re­vive it. We cur­rently don’t have a date set, but this will be an­nounced a week in ad­vance.